We are the first photo booth and innovative entertainment service in Bangladesh. #1 and premium photo booth service in Bangladesh.
We are the first photo booth and innovative entertainment service in Bangladesh. #1 and premium photo booth service in Bangladesh.
The Best
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Service in Bangladesh

Audio Guest Book

An innovative spin on the traditional guest book. Available for hire in Dhaka and all other major Bangladeshi cities.

Happy Clients

Available to hire in Bangladesh

The Premier Strategy for Acquiring Cherished Voicemails in an Enjoyable and Engaging Manner.

Features and Benefits

Audio Service

How does it works

Learn how our Audio Guest Book works to provide you next level experience at your events. Contact us today to book us for your next event.

Hang up

Guest hangs up telephone and voicemail is captured for the specific hirer


Guest hears personalized voicemail and then leaves a message


Guests attend and pick up telephone from our audio guest book platform


The Best Packages for Our Clients

We provide various packages to choose from. Select the best package you like to enlighten your events.


tk. 6000


tk. 8000


tk. 10000


tk. 15000

Optional Extras

We also provide some great optional features in addition to our standard packages. You can select while booking.

Additional Hour

tk. 2000

Please your guests and keep the fun and laughter going just a little bit longer.

Sounds Like This

Our Audio Guest Books allow you to capture the real voices of your wedding. The Mother that leaves the sentimental, heartfelt message. The cousin that re-tells that “had to be there” moment from 10 years ago. The drunken groomsman saying something he’ll probably regret tomorrow (but has now immortalized forever). Like wedding photos and a fine wine.. these audio guestbook voicemails will get better and better with time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An audio guest book is a unique and interactive alternative to traditional guest books. Instead of written messages, guests can leave heartfelt audio recordings, sharing their thoughts, well-wishes, and memories.

Our audio guest book is user-friendly and straightforward. Guests simply step up to the recording station, speak into the microphone, and leave their personalized audio messages. The recordings are saved digitally for you to enjoy and cherish.

Our audio guest book stands out for its simplicity, convenience, and ability to capture authentic emotions. It provides a personalized touch, allowing guests to express themselves freely and create lasting memories for you to revisit.

Absolutely! We offer customization options for the audio guest book, including personalized covers, themes, or branding elements. We’ll work with you to ensure it aligns perfectly with your event’s aesthetic and atmosphere.

The audio recordings are conveniently saved digitally and can be delivered to you in various formats, such as a downloadable file or a USB drive. This allows you to easily access and share the heartfelt messages with your loved ones.

Yes, our audio guest book provides the option for guests to listen to previous recordings. This adds an element of connection and inspiration, as they can hear the heartfelt messages of others before sharing their own.

Absolutely! We can provide suggested prompts or questions for guests to help guide their audio messages, ensuring that they have meaningful and engaging content to share.

Yes, we provide a friendly and helpful attendant who will be present to guide guests through the recording process, answer any questions, and ensure the smooth operation of the audio guest book.

Guests can typically record messages of various lengths, depending on your preference. Whether it’s a quick message or a more extended heartfelt expression, we’ll work with you to set appropriate recording durations.

Absolutely! The audio guest book is versatile and can be used for various events, including weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more. It adds a personal and memorable touch to any occasion.

Yes, our audio guest book can be set up in outdoor venues, provided that suitable arrangements are made to protect the equipment from weather conditions and ensure optimal sound quality.

Yes, guests can have the option to listen to their own audio message immediately after recording it. It allows them to review and ensure their message is captured as intended.

Absolutely! We offer customization options to incorporate your event details, logo, or branding elements onto the audio guest book. It adds a personalized touch and enhances the overall event experience.

There is typically no limit to the number of audio recordings guests can leave in the audio guest book. They can leave multiple messages, allowing everyone to express their thoughts and wishes.

Yes, if desired, we can provide post-event editing or enhancement services for the audio recordings. This ensures that the final audio content is polished and optimized for maximum quality.

Absolutely! We can create a compilation or montage of the audio messages for you, combining the heartfelt recordings into a single audio file or video presentation. It makes for a touching keepsake of the event.

The audio messages are typically saved and accessible for an extended period, allowing you to revisit and cherish them long after the event has ended. We can discuss specific storage options based on your requirements.

Yes, the audio guest book is designed to accommodate both small and large events. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, it provides a meaningful way for guests to share their thoughts and memories.

Yes, we can incorporate background music or ambient sounds to enhance the audio messages if desired. It adds a touch of atmosphere and further elevates the overall experience.

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