We are the first photo booth and innovative entertainment service in Bangladesh. #1 and premium photo booth service in Bangladesh.
We are the first photo booth and innovative entertainment service in Bangladesh. #1 and premium photo booth service in Bangladesh.
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360 Photo Booth BD – Guide to Event Planning

Depending on how you approach it, party planning can be a fun activity or a nightmare. A lot goes into planning a fun and successful party. Therefore, having things organized ahead of time saves you any last-minute issues that can quickly dampen the mood of the room. Every party serves a different purpose, but there are a few things they all have in common when it comes to the planning process.

Parties are at the heart of 360 Photo Booth BD, and with our premium 360 video booth hire services in Bangladesh, we look forward to helping you elevate the fun at your parties. We understand that party planning is no piece of cake, and that’s why we bring resourceful tips such as these to make party planning fun. We hope you find them helpful!

The guide & tips for event planning

  1. Set a budget

Without a budget, your party can turn into a financial nightmare! While shopping for the party, you might lose sight of what’s absolutely essential and end up spending money on things you didn’t plan on buying in the first place. Having a fixed budget helps you set a boundary, which ultimately helps you save money and also ensures that you only buy things that you need. Whether it’s material shopping or shopping for anything else that you may need to make your party awesome, start setting a budget.

  1. Decide a theme

A party without a theme? Is there such a thing? We’ll let you decide that, though! One of the key components of any party is the theme. Choose a subject that complements the occasion you wish to celebrate; alternatively, the occasion itself could serve as the theme. Just keep in mind that the theme you select will guide the rest of your party preparations.

  1. Finalise a guest list, date and venue

Once you have chosen the theme, prepare a guest list, choose a day, and select the location for the party. Depending on the availability of the suppliers and your visitors, you might need to communicate back and forth, which would make this stage take a little longer. Therefore, it would be a good idea to finish this as quickly as possible so that the planning may continue. Look for locations that are within your budget and go with your party’s concept. Send out invitations to the attendees once the location and date have been decided upon so that they are aware and able to make it to the party. You might also add a personal touch to your invitations if you have the means to do so.

  1. Go party shopping

Every party needs refreshments, decorations, entertainment, and a great deal of other fun extras! Make a list of the items you’ll need for the party based on your budget before you leave. This list will keep you on track, and you may keep adding stuff to it to make sure you don’t forget anything. When purchasing, search for accessories and place settings that go with your chosen theme and colour scheme.

  1. Food is key

When organising a party, food is a necessity. Your guests will undoubtedly become hungry, so serve the exquisite food out before the atmosphere in the space dwindles! While making or ordering food, keep your visitors’ preferences in mind and strive to serve something that the majority of your guests will enjoy, even though you can’t please everyone’s palate. Additionally, timing and planning are important when it comes to meals. Try not to wait until the last minute to complete tasks.

  1. Plan fun activities

As the name implies, having some enjoyable activities could be the secret to making your party a success! Plan beforehand and, if you can, connect your games and activities to the party’s theme! Additionally, don’t forget to schedule the day’s music. You may prepare two different playlists: one for dancing and the other for background music that will play while visitors interact.

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